VELUX Flexible Sun Tunnel (TWF 0K14)


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  • Maximum tunnel length 2.2m
  • 2.5 times more light than a 100W bulb

Inexpensive natural light for hallways, walk-in robes, pantries, toilets and other small areas without natural light Easy installation on roofs with pitches from 15° to 60°.

New top collar and removable sash – you can install from the roof

Toughened glass – no scratching, discolouring or leaking. Rated to Bushfire Attack Level 29 (TWR only, roof pitch 18° to 60°)

New Flexi Loc™ system for easy installation.

Edge Glow – a better looking, more dynamic light.

Twin diffuser blocks out heat and is easy to clean. Just unscrew it like a bottle cap…

Floods up to 9m2 in natural light

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