Vileda Mop Premium 5 Spin Wringer Bucket

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Vileda Mop Premium 5 Spin Wringer Bucket
Premium 5 Spin Mop bucket for effortless wringing and quicker floor cleaning.

Robust design features with built-in, extra wide wringer and durable foot pedal. Wring out your mop pads without wetting your hands!

  • Colour: Red and Grey
  • Optimal dry control
  • Easy to use
  • Extra wide
  • Extra water splash protection
  • Durable foot pedal for optimal mop wringing and humidity control
  • Product Dimensions in mm:   W: 300    H: 290    L: 490
  • Heavy duty – Approximately 2,300 grams

How to wring out your mop pads without wetting your hands
Fill the bucket with water (up to the maximum mark indicated) then rinse the pad.
Cleaning tip: You can add your preferred cleaning solution however due to the cleaning power of its microfibres you can clean your floors without the use of chemicals.

Place the wet pad into the wringer. Use your foot to press the foot pedal up and down to activate the spin wringer mechanism. Ensure that you are holding the mop handle while the wringer is spinning.

You can control how dry you want your pad to be. The more you spin the wringer, the drier your pad will become.


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